Lighted Judaica Pins (and soon other lighted items)

We are out of inventory for the 2023 year! Do not send payment, please. Pins will be available in March 2024.

Welcome! Lyle's Lights is a small innovative company that makes lighted Judaica objects. Our main product is a wearable Hanukkia (also known as a Hanukkah menorah) that is a unique piece of art produced by no other company. It is a functional, kosher menorah that is especially useful for travelers and in places where an open flame is prohibited: hotels, dorm rooms, hospitals, and of course the front of your clothing. It comes with a small wooden stand for placement in a window sill or on a table.

The "flames" are super bright orange light emitting diodes (LEDs) that last virtually forever and are much brighter than the common red and green LEDs seen in most electronic devices. The replaceable battery (provided) on the back will provide over 60 hours of "ON" time and can be purchased where camera and watch batteries are sold. The pin has a miniature pushbutton that allows the pin to cycle through all the nights of Hanukkah plus two additional eye catching patterns. Overall height is about 2.5 inches with a width of 2.2 inches.


Lyle's Lights
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